29 February 2008

Weekend Away

Today I am going to visit my parents on the Isle of Wight. They live on the west by the sea. I am going as it is Mother's Day on Sunday and also to have my bridesmaid dress fitted. In May I will be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends and my mum is making my dress. I will let you know after this weekend what it is like!
I have been busy this week, making the invites for Jo's Hen Weekend in April. She is having a Disney theme and she will be Snow White so I used yellow and blue ribbon down the side of the card with a small picture of Snow White. Then I wrote all the details in black with silver to highlight the important info. I was pleased with the final design, it took me a few evenings to do it all, as I ran out of ribbon on the first evening! Hopefully Jo will be pleased with them too.
Just got to get through today at work before having a relaxing weekend. I still have to get my mum a present for Sunday, will be searching the shops at lunchtime today. Sh did mention to me that the photo frame I decorated for her a few years ago has broken so I could give her that, but she would be expecting it; I will see what is in the shops.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


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themommandmeboutique said...

Fun to read about what is happening in the U.K. I enjoy the way you write your blog!

Anonymous said...

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marsha said...

Oooh! You're form the UK! I was in the UK for 5 yrs and have recently moved back to S'pore. My family and I used to drive down from London to Portsmouth every so often to do some serious uhm ... SHOPPING at GunWharf Quays! :)