22 February 2009

New Logo

You may all have noticed my new logo which has been specifically designed for me by Rosie Wibberley of Snapping Rosie Photography.
Please check out her blog to see her profile and more about her work.

15 February 2009

29 Days Of Giving - The First Week

For the past five days I have been taking part in the 29 Day Giving Challenge and to be honest I have found it quite difficult! The first day was easy - I was going to a book club and took along some blueberry muffins I had made. The following days presented no extra ordinary opportunities to give something a bit more than I normally do.
I feel that I am quite a friendly, kind and caring person anyway so when I signed up to the 29 Day Giving Challenge I did think it would be easy. Although I do give a lot to others in my job, i.e. help, attention, time and thought, I do this almost every day and it is something that I do because it is my job. I signed up to the challenge so I could make a more conscious effort to be a better person. I don't know if anyone else ever feels that they are just going through life doing the same things day in and day out and not really appreciating the people around them, but I do at times. The challenge has prompted me to think more about how I speak to people and what I do for others and actually I do more than I thought. It has been eye opening to actively think about my actions and how they will impact on others.
Most of the things I have given this week have been kind words, a smile to a stranger and an ear to a friend, but I have felt good about giving these things and I know they were appreciated. perhaps making myself feel good about giving is not part of the challenge but I know it will help me keep giving for the remaining days in the challenge.

10 February 2009

29 days of giving - Day 1 (9th February 2009)

Yesterday I signed up to begin 29 days of giving. I stumbled upon this idea by chance as I was looking at other's blogs. It seems to be a very popular idea in the US and hopefully will develop worldwide. Here is the website to explain a bit better than I can what it is all about the basic idea is that you give something every day for 29 days and I imagine by the end of 29 days you will be so used to giving it will become natural to do so.
So yesterday was my number 1 day and I made some blueberry muffins to share with my book group. Although I do love baking and sharing my baked goodness, this proved to be quite a mission! I worked all day, got home at 5.30pm, waited til after dinner to start the muffins, prepared all the ingredients and then realised I had no eggs! I then had to run out in the pouring rain to buy some, all the while keeping an eye on the time. The muffins were only just ready when I had to leave my house but by the smiles on those eating them, the muffins were a success.
I will be updating my blog to keep up with my progress on the 29 days of giving, so please check back.

08 February 2009

Valentine's Gifts

Valentine's Day is less than a week away, so come and buy your gifts here!

To buy any of these gifts, please email me (at with your choices and how you will pay. You can either pay in cash or via PayPal.
If you choose to pay via PayPal I can post the item first class to you the next day so it should reach you the day after that.
Postage is £1.50 per item and each item will be individually wrapped in tissue paper before being packaged in a protective envelope.
If you have any queries, please ask.

White Bone Heart Necklace £7.50

Pink Glass Heart Necklace £7.50

Black Millefiore Heart Earrings £3.00

Blue Heart Bangle £5.00

Turquoise & Black Heart Necklace £7.50

Strawberry Phone Charm £2.00

Red Heart Pendant £15.00

Purple Heart Bracelet £5.00

Purple Cube Bracelet £7.50

Black Millefiore Heart Phone Charm £2.50

Blue & White Heart Bracelet £5.00

Black Heart Pendant Necklace £15.00