31 March 2008

JJMFinance Feature

I have been featured on someone else's blog!!
I completed a short survey about my Etsy shop and my answers are now on this blog.
Had a lovely birthday weekend, my pudding party was a success! Everyone bought lovely desserts and I got some really nice presents. On my actual birthday we went to Bournemouth Oceanarium, it was a gorgeous and sunny day. Saturday was less than sunny, as soon as we got to the seafront the rain started :( it was all good though as went into the arcade. Sunjai even won two aeroplanes on a two penny slot machine!! I did win the bowling though with 147 points!!
We then all drove down to the Tenth Hole tea rooms for tea and cake. It was yummy, I had a slice of apple and blackcurrant pie with ice cream. After that we headed home for fish and chips before going to our friend's house for his birthday party.
After the clocks going forward yesterday, I can definitely notice the loss of that hour! Tonight will be an early night.

18 March 2008

Jewellery Party

Now I have made a date for the next jewellery party (April 30th) I can begin planning and promoting it. The first thing I have done is announce the event on Facebook and invited all members of my Shooting Star Jewellery Designs group. This has not done very much as only people who cant come have RSVP'd. This is pretty annoying as they are all actually my friends and possibly don't realise how important my jewellery business is to me. But never mind, I am sure some people will come!
I have also ordered some new business cards. I do have some but they are in that ever so safe place that I have forgotten where they are. It is a good thing though as my old cards had my maiden name on. i have also changed the colour a bit to make everything stand out a bit more.
I will also be announcing a prize draw throughout the month of April. Stay tuned to find out more!
It is lovely to have the long weekend coming up, I just hope the sun comes out for it. My husband and I don't have any plans but it will be nice to spend time together knowing we don't have to do anything.
Check back for the prize draw details!

12 March 2008

It's Been A Long Time....

I am back, back from where I couldn't say and perhaps not back for long. I thought I had better make an appearance on my own blog as I haven't shown it any attention for a while. Life seems to have got in the way of jewellery making and promotion. I really want to hold another jewellery party in April so I need to get on with everything!
Do you know what? I am going to decide a date right now - April 30th. That is when my next jewellery party takes place.
That feels good to have made a date and have something to work towards. I can get on with making more items and preparing invites, fliers and packaging.
Sunjai (my husband- not sure if I have mentioned him before) and I have been busy catching with friends. He has been back and forth to Kent to visit his grandparents while his parents are on holiday. We are both going there this weekend and seeing his brother too. I will be happy to have peace and quiet as they live in the countryside/middle of nowhere so I can relax with a few good books.
Since last time I wrote my book group had its March meeting. Unfortunately only three of us could make it! We were discussing Catch 22 - so perhaps that says it all! The next book is called Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I have read the first chapter so far and am enjoying.
I had best get back to boring 9-5 work and will try to stay more faithful to my blog as the weeks go on.