12 February 2008

Home Time

It has been a long day at work today :( I will be very glad to get home and sit down to have dinner.
I did meet my friend for lunch, which was lovely, we had a nice walk around the shops getting our Valentine's presents for our partners. My friend was very excited about Valentine's day, more so about the giving of her presents to her partner. I should probably be more like that, but I do like getting gifts!
I am being a bit of a book worm at the moment so unfortunately there hasnt been much time for jewellery making. I am part of the local library reading group and the meeting is tonight. The book we are discussing tonight is The Sea by John Banvilles. It really hasnt appealed to me and I have only read about half of it. It just doesnt stimulate me enough to want to know what happens. It will be good to hear what everyone else thought of it. I have also recently organised a book club with some friends. The first book we read as a group was Life of Pie by Yann Martel. I very much enjoyed it, I think most people did too but surprised by the ending. It gives you a lot to think about. The next book for that group is Catch 22. AFter tonight's library book club I need to start Catch 22 and finish quickly, I have so many books on my shelf that are unreaad and I just bought another 3 today!
Still loving this gorgeous sunshine and the fact that is light when I leave work!

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