11 September 2009

What's been going on?

Hi everyone,
I thought I would give you a quick update on what I have been doing lately as I know I haven't really done any proper blog posts to give you any clues.
Since coming back from my holiday in July, I have left my job, been working in a school and bought a flat! It has been pretty hectic.
The reason I have left my job is because i will start a Primary PGCE (Teacher Training) on 21st September and I have been volunteering in a primary school for a week so far in preparation for that. This course is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now and I can't wait.
I have another week left in the school where I have been doing observations of the teaching methods and strategies before starting at the University of Winchester.
It has also been our friend's wedding at St Mary's Church in Portsea and it was beautiful I will put up some pictures in time.
We get the keys to our very own flat next Friday so I will be packing all our things away this weekend and our current flat is getting very small as the boxes pile up. We are very excited!
What have you all been up to?

01 September 2009

French Holiday Part Two

It seems so long ago now but our holiday in France is still fresh in our minds, reminding us to relax as times get busier for us.
We stayed with friends in a village, Castelfranc, close to Cahors, on the river Lot. Despite our journey being long and tiring we eventually arrived - and I mean eventually! after being given wrong directions - to the welcome of a home cooked meal.
We relaxed into the evening and slept well before taking the hire car to Cahors. Cahors in a lovely lively city with lots to do, we were lucky enough to catch some live jazz as we sat with our coffees outside.
We then went on the 'beach' on the riverside. We sat and enjoyed the sunshine which by this time was quite warm and pleasant.
The weather got hotter throughout the day as we joined some friends playing Petanque and drinking beer before a dip in the pool when unfortunately the clouds came over and the sun disappeared! But it just made our appetite grow and we dined on Cassoulet for hours!
Over the week of our stay we swam in Lac Vert at Catus, a very green refreshing lake.We swam in the Lot and fished in the Vert that passed by the house. We didn't catch very much, a few fish and one lonely crayfish, not enough for dinner. We took a boat trip down river to an island in the river for a picnic and fishing. We enjoyed delicious pizza in a nearby town and took punting trips downstream.

Overall we had a great stay in a beautiful place with lovely people.