07 September 2010


Well that is how I feel at the moment.... bleurgh. After a not so sunny summer autumn seems to not too far away and I am feeling quite grey. After completing my PGCE (yeah!) I am looking for a job (not yeah!) and getting more and more grey as the days go by. Hopefully something will come up soon or I will have ran out of house things to do!
I have been decorating our flat, the two bedrooms are now a newer looking shade of magnolia with bright, shiny, white woodwork making them lovely, clean and new. I have also been doing some sewing and made a wonderful (almost anyway) purse and am at the present time undoing some stitching on another one. I will continue un-stitching before re-stitching it correctly and then will show you what I have been making!
As you have probably guessed from previous posts - I love to read! So I have been reading my way through my bookshelf. I didn't want to bore you with too many book reviews so they will come one at a time later on.
My lovely kitten also keeps me busy - she has developed a keen liking to my new cardigan and keeps getting it out of everywhere I hide it! She is most mischievous but also too cute so I can't stay mad with her.

Lastly I am enjoying watching CSI....... it is on many times throughout the day so I can indulge frequently. My husband dislikes it, (or so he says... he seems to have been unable to leave the room while it has been on a few times now) so while he is busy studying I am taking full advantage of having the TV remote to myself!
One thing does seem to be missing from my list of past-times... jewellery making! Well I have done a bit and intend to do more. I am aiming to get everything photographed this week so if you don't see any new pictures by Monday please tell me off.
Although all these things are fun and I am enjoying my beautiful home, I would just love a job. But enough sadness... I am off to watch CSI!