26 April 2009

Etsy Shop

With new items being added weekly to my Etsy shop, it is worth taking the time to look - you may find something you like!

The newest item is the Starfish Necklace

The blues and greens of the glass beads echo the colours found in the sea and compliment the starfish charm.

This beautiful necklace would be a lovely gift for any sea lover and would match a casual outfit or even dress it up with black clothes for a stunning evening look.

19 April 2009

Etsy Shop Now Open

Please see my Etsy shop for current items for sale. More items will be added in due course.
Thank you in advance.

15 April 2009

A beautiful bunch of flowers

Following last weeks feature on flowers from other artists I now present to you my work that has a common theme of flowers.

Each piece is handmade by me and is available to purchase. The items will be available shortly on and I will keep you updated on my shop there. You will be the first to know when it opens.

If you have any questions about any items you see and like, please feel free to contact me on

07 April 2009

Featuring Flowers

I would like to begin this month with a blog post I hope to continue with. This time I am featuring other artists who have grabbed my attention with their flowery work - the theme being flowers!
Firstly I have come across a few different artists on the website and I would like to point out two whose work is really lovely.

Katty Kins

These beautiful roses are handmade and would look perfect on a charm bracelet, key ring, mobile phone charm, necklace, bag charm.... anything!

You can find more work by KattyKinns at and her Etsy shop is

As she says her work is individual and one of a kind, you would be sure to step into spring with a bunch of these roses.

Albur Lily

The next artist is one that I also found on Deviant Art and I am particularly drawn to her Autumn Dusk bracelet. You can check it out at the link and you will soon see why I like it so much. The vivid purple really stands out against the other beads and the clasp really sets off the design. Albur Lily has other designs on Deviant Art that cover a whole range of different skills, crafts and mediums.

Snapping Rosie

This charming rose has been captured by Rosie Wibberley, a photographer based on the Isle of Wight. You can find more of her photographer on her website and you can purchase some of her prints from her Deviant Art profile. The stark colour against the very black background really caught my eye when browsing her work. The edges of the rose are really crisp in contrast to the blackness but the softness of the rose is still captured.


I have also come across this website that has some really cute flower beads. They would really look great as they do on their suggested projects or on a new design. They look very natural and appealing to the eye, they are simple yet stand out.


Last but not least, I would like to introduce another artist whose work I found on All RachelleD's work features beautiful, brightly coloured flowers.
This amazing example shows just how attractive her jewellery is. Each item is individual with a striking personality to suit your own. These have certainly captured me and I am inspired by the designs.
Her work can be found for sale at her Etsy shop where I am sure you can find something appealing.
I hope you enjoyed browsing these artists work as much as I have done, I would like to continue to bring you the work of other artists as well as my own. The designs are inspiring and hopefully add some brightness to your day.

01 April 2009

April Fool's

Hope no-one got too badly fooled today!
I have put some books on Ebay to sell so please take a look
Thank you