15 April 2008

Losing Faith

I am slowly becoming disheartened with my jewellery business. I have invited many people to my jewellery party at the end of the month but so far only 5 people have confirmed, 2 of which do not live in this country and one is me!
I understand that a lot of my friends don't see my jewellery as a business, they just see it as a hobby so I cannot expect them to be as keen as I am about everything.
I am also quite disappointed with Etsy. I have had no sales so far and not many views either. I do know that the jewellery market is very saturated and perhaps Etsy is not the right place for me.
I guess all I can do is be more positive and keep working hard. I am sure that things will pick up soon.
Has anyone else felt like this?

09 April 2008

Birthday Present

I finally I got a Nintendo DS Lite yesterday! I am very excited about it. Although I only have Brain Training so far (and I do not wish to share my brain age... yet), I am very pleased to have received my birthday present at last.

I haven't forgotten about my new feature, come back soon as it will appear.... I promise!

04 April 2008

New Feature

Each week I will be featuring one of my pieces of jewellery, showing it in detail. With pictures and explanations of my inspirations for that particular piece.
This will start tomorrow with a new necklace I made last night.
Check back for the new feature.

Also don't forget the April Competition. See below for details.

01 April 2008

How to make a delicious raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake

I have just joined EHow and written my first article!
So now everyone can enjoy a delicious raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake :)