28 July 2008

Where are the biscuits?

On Friday we went along the Central Library, in Portsmouth, to attend a Murder Mystery evening. We were unsure what to expect but it started off with an author talk from two local authors, June Hampson and Pauline Rowson. After the talks, a body was discovered and this began the Central Trail which we were to follow to uncover the murderer. The clues led us around the library, once we had the final clue it was up to us to question the witnesses to piece together the last moments of the victims life and discover her murderer.
Our team raced through the clues and then uncovered some interesting facts from the witnesses before finalising our evidence and winning the prize! Two teams guessed the murderer correctly as well as the motive, and were rewarded with a signed copy of the two authors' books. Our team won a signed copy of Pauline Rowson's 'The Suffocating Sea'.
See Pauline's own blog for a more in depth account of the evening. Overall a fun and enjoyable night.

25 July 2008

Going Well

The past few weeks have been really great for jewellery sales. I can't really explain why but things seem to have taken off. Whether it is because I am wearing jewellery I have made every day or that I have been making more of a point to say that I make jewellery.... whatever it is it is working!
Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine, looks like it is over now just in time for the weekend. Not much happening this weekend for me apart from a murder mystery night this evening which should be quite fun.
Hopefully I will get some more pictures taken this weekend and put them online in the near future, but I do realise I say that quite a lot!!

08 July 2008

Trying My Luck...

As it is a 5p listing day, I thought I would give it a go and put a few items of jewellery on EBay. I am not expecting anything so any viewers will be much appreciated.
It has been a long time since last writing a blog, and it feels good to be writing again. Hopefully I can stay motivated enough to keep writing!
I am in the mood to be making more jewellery, and have been doing so, but it is just the hassle of taking all the photos that holds me back. I wish there was an easier way.... Never mind, I am sure I will be inspired to take some photos of the jewellery soon enough.