01 February 2008

Getting down to work

This week I have been desperately trying to find time to make some more jewellery. With both Valentine's Day and Mother's Day fast approaching I want to make some new items to put online and take into work. I would also like to have another Jewellery Party before Mother's Day but I will wait and see what happens for that one!

So I did make one item last night! Something similar to a very popular necklace I made last year. I made sure I wore it out a lot, as you can see it is an eye catching piece. People always comment on how nice it is, so I tell them I made it myself and they can buy it.......... that's it though, people dont seem to want to buy something I am wearing already! It is like they think I will be doing without if they buy it! Anyway I finally sold the one on the left, when I wasnt wearing it I might add, and I have made something similar. Hopefully it will be as popular.

I am going to get on with some more jewellery making now, I am in the mood to use my creativity.


TexasTesla said...

Perhaps you should be saying "I can make you one JUST LIKE IT" - rather than suggesting they buy one pre-worn. People can be squemish that way. :-)

TallGiraffe said...

That is a great piece. I was curious where you got the lampwork heart from. My boyfriend just listed a bunch of them on etsy that he makes himself. You can check him out at if you're interested in unique lampwork hearts. =)

SecretMe said...

very nice!