16 February 2008

Manic Weekend

After a long week at work, this weekend is so far the longest weekend ever! On wednesday evening, my husband and I went out to a favourite restaurant - Rosie's Vineyard - for a Valentine's meal. The food there is amazing! We were so full afterwards, I fell asleep as soon as I sat down in front of the tv when we got home.
Valentine's evening consisted of us waiting a long time to cook dinner and eat it and then make home made waffles and eat them. We had planned to sit down and sort out our honeymoon scrap book but it got too late to start that (that will hopefully be a project to do tomorrow).
After work yesterday we both hurriedly tidied the flat and got started on cooking for our friends. We had quiche with asparagus wrapped in parma ham, served with salad and victoria sponge for afters. We then proceeded to play Lord of the Rings Risk whcich took a good few hours! We finished off with Scrabble. I was terrible at both games last night. I blame it on being tired!
Today we were both working at the Children's University. Putting on workshops for primary school children. It was a fun but tiring day and now I am just about ready for nothing else! I have had a cup of tea which has warmed me up. But still not put me in the right mood for jewellery making. I have seen a blog recently where the author has been doing a project a day, it is a great idea. I dont know if she works full time but never the less it is an achievement. She has been going for about two weeks I believe (correct me if I am wrong!). I just wish I could find the time in between working full time, cooking, cleaning, reading for two book groups and seeing friends. I am not complaining at all, I love being busy, it makes me appreciate the quiet days when I can relax and do as I please. I am taking the next hour or so to do just that.

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