22 February 2008

Butterfly Sparkle Necklace

Here it is, as promised.

The photo of the Butterfly choker I made yesterday and tried to describe! Maybe you can let me know how well I described it and if it was how you imagined.

I have been quite busy today, I had a day off from work and relaxed at home. I made a few new items of jewellery and updated my Etsy store with better descriptions, a new banner and avatar. Constructive criticism welcomed.

I have also put some earrings on Etsy to match a bracelet already listed. The daisy millefiore beads I used for the items are so pretty and summery. They really put some sunshine into a dull day. Definitely what's needed at the moment.

I am listening to my brother-in-law's radio show at the moment, good music and chat if you want to check it out - The Stefan Show. Every Friday evening at 8pm.

Now we are off to the pub to celebrate a friend's birthday, everyone seems to be born in February! This first part of the year has been very busy time for birthdays. It has been a great opportunity to catch up with everyone though, and enjoy some very good nights out.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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