19 June 2009

Weekend Wonders

I always look forward to the weekend, it is the time I get to lie in, relax and do whatever I want! Well mostly anyway - the past few weeks have been really busy and I am very much looking forward to laying in bed all morning tomorrow.
The weekend is also a time to indulge, whether it be in food or purchases, it is a good time to do whatever you want.
I have chosen 5 things from around the web that are particularly wonderful to enjoy this weekend. I am pretty hungry so the main theme is food!

These gorgeous little things are a massage bar from Lush that smells divine and leaves you skin oh so soft when rubbed in. It really does leave you smelling good enough to eat - while buying this in the store, the shop assistant advised that as well as smelling good enough to eat, you really can eat the chocolate within! I am not sure I would want to, but if I got desperate enough, who knows!This brilliant orange sunset is over the Solent from the Isle of Wight. This amazing photograph was taken by my sister who is lives on the Isle of Wight and photographs in her spare time. This such sunset can usually be seen over the summer and is a typical view of the beauty on the Isle of Wight.

I have the perfect recipe for a chocolate cake that I would like to share with you - unfortunately you will have to wait as I don't have it with me to write up now. This pictyure will have to keep you going until you can make your own.
But, please note, this cake was not made by using the recipe I will give you - it is just a picture from Google!!

Although not food, this lovely shrug would be an indulgence. Having an occasion to wear something like this would be an indulgence!

I found this while browsing on Etsy and have discovered this seller - Angelina Design her work is very individual and I await the day I have an excuse to buy this shrug.

My last indulgence for today is a picture of my favourite crumble... ever! Using up the last of our fruit, I created a Cherry and Apple Crumble. Although I am sure this is something many people have eaten and made themselves, it was new to me! Now I make it whenever I can.

Enjoy the weekend, and let me know what you enjoyed doing.


AlyGatr said...

When I saw the massage bar, I thought it was a chocolate and I thought, I'd totally eat that! Oops. The cake looks divine too...mmm.

Your blog is great...bright, open and with a great mix of posts. Keep it up!!!

Alison Arif said...

Thank you that is really encouraging.