01 June 2009

Live Music - The Fat Fox, Portsmouth

I apologise greatly for the delay in this post, back in April we went to see a few bands at a local pub and I have been meaning to write something about them for some time now.
I won't embarrass myself too much as I am not that good at writing reviews, all I will say is that I am giving my honest views on the gigs!
The first act on were You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons who are a local band to Portsmouth. Their music is as they quite rightly say - hip, sexy and magical. You enter another world when listening to their music, allowing you to imagine what you will. It was a performance appealing to all tastes and with much to look at was most enjoyable.
The next act on were Wilberforce Malaise and The Family Disco and as you can tell by the name it was an act of many talents. If you like the interesting and different then this is one you should see. The exciting sound of Wilberforce Malaise and The Family Disco will please both your eyes and ears with their technicolour show.
Thomas Truax was the last but by no means least, act of the night and what an act to finish on. As well as writing his own music Truax makes his own instruments which you can only imagine until you see that they are straight from his own imagination! He was a pleasure to watch and enjoy the sights and sounds that came from his creative mind.
Updated to include Thomas Truax's website 27/07/09


LillyShayStyle said...

Thats cool that he makes his own instruments! It's too bad you don't have photos :)

Alison Arif said...

Hey Lilly - I have updated the post to include Thomas Truax's website where there are photos of his instruments.