05 July 2009

Butterfly House

Today I visited Cumberland House Natural History Museum in Portsmouth. They have a butterfly house at the back and between May and September it is butterfly season. This was the first time I have visited this year and the butterflies were quite different to last. Obviously a lot of them were the same, but there were a few I don't remember and one amazingly beautiful bright blue butterfly that unfortunately just wouldn't stop still for a photo.
Here are a few I managed to capture

After seeing these beautiful creatures this morning I then joined some friends on the common for a BBQ and a few games of rounders. The sun was lovely and warm, and it was good to sit out and do nothing. After eating we started out rounders tournament which was not helped by the light weight ball being carried by the wind unexpectedly and not very helpfully! Overall it was a very fun day. I am now recovering my aching legs and red shoulders.


Cathy said...

Hi Alison

I like your butterfly photos. I love butterflies in art too but I haven't yet tried a picture of one myself. Hopefully I will do so soon. Hope you have recovered from your game now. I was very lethargic during the hot and humid week last week, but things are much fresher now thank goodness.

Alison Arif said...

Thanks Cathy, I was pleased with how my pictures turned out, I am not all that good with photography normally!
I am still aching a little! But I do feel like I am good for doing exercise.
This week it is pretty rubbish here, showers all day today, I will have to run home to make sure I don't get wet!