19 June 2009

Summer Wedding

Last weekend saw the first family wedding since my own and it was a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly and we all looked stunning in our posh frocks. My sister and I (shown below) kept getting called each other's names! We don't look that much alike!

The bride and groom looked very happy and we all enjoyed catching up after so long. The wedding was in a small church in Wilford, Nottingham with the reception at a local golf club. The weekend went by very quickly and in no time at all I was back at work on Monday.

On Tuesday, I found myself accompanying my friend to spend a day in the secondary school observing Year 7 classes. It served to confirm why I want to teach at the primary level!

After an already tiring week, we have some friends visiting this weekend so we will be catching up with them and hopefully enjoying the sun. Have a good weekend everyone.

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