01 June 2010


After not posting for so long I have so much to say!! 
I think the first thing to happen was that over the Easter break we got a kitten - Florence! Although she is so cute she is also such a menace. She is adorable and very friendly but like any kitten has her mad half hours when she runs around biting and climbing up everything, including us.
Here are a few pictures to show how cute she is:

So apart from supervising this ball of fluff, I have been very busy at school getting stuck into the teacher role and dealing with naughty children! It is half term at the moment so am busy planning for my last three weeks of my placement. The first week back is book week so I will be in my element and am very excited about the week. We have two authors coming to visit - Kaye Umansky and Ali Sparkes and with a witch/wizard theme for one of the days we will be in fancy dress. As well as library visits and story times, I have been thinking up imaginative activities - it is very exciting! 
Since Easter I have also been to see Hairspray at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton - it was brilliant! If you haven't seen it.... go! It was great how they combined the songs with the dialogue and set the backgrounds for the different scenes. Well worth watching. 
School has been all consuming but am still enjoying it. After the next three weeks are over I should have more time to resume my hobbies and reading. I am very much looking forward to having more time to not doing stupid paperwork and having more time to relax. 
What are your summer plans?


AlyGatr said...

What an adorable kitty! I know school can be consuming, can't it? I'll be happy when my LAST class is done at the end of the summer!!

Alison Arif said...

I kind of don't want it to end yet, I just have the three weeks left and have no job yet so that is quite scary!!
On the other hand, I would like some sleep!