21 July 2010

Twilight Eclipse

After seeing two very different trailers for this film, I went to the cinema in two minds.
 From the trailer showing the exciting fight scenes I felt excited about seeing an action packed fantasy film. After seeing the lovey dovey trailer I was reminded why I have only read the first novel (Twilight, Stephenie Meyer).
The film's artistic talents were shown off with interesting camera shots and impressive CGI, but the action expected only disappointed. The action that was there was brilliant but I wanted more! Cheesy comedy ran through the film taking an edge off the intense romance between the main characters. Although I enjoyed this film I can easily identify it's flaws -don't get me started on my dislike for Bella!
With the story set to continue in two more films I can't help wonder what these may bring. With the general consensus that the first film was the best and the following films not quite matching - why are they making more?
It's continued attraction may only be the increasing number of men with no shirts throughout all the films but can this sustain our interest for two more films?
I am sure my not so favourable review will spark some controversy about this much loved fantasy phenomena and although i can list many things I dislike about this film, I still enjoyed it and will still see the next films.... but I am not sure I am ready to read the remaining books. However I know I am being slowly worn down by friends who seem intent on persuading me to read them - I may have to give in so I can join in the many conversations about the alarming events of the fourth book, but only for that reason... I won't enjoy them!

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