30 July 2009

Zoo de Champrepus

Having just got back from a two week holiday in France, I am sure you can imagine i have lots to share with you. Today I will tell you about our visit to Zoo de Champrepus in Normandy.
This zoo is much like any other with the park split into different sections. On arrival we crossed over the bridge to visit the Farm Animals. Here are the usual farm breeds; goats, sheep, cows, horses and donkeys.
We went on through to the Tropical Zone to find tiger, leopard, chmipanzees, a marmoset, Scarlet Ibis, Chilean Flamingo and macaws.
We passed back over the bridge and progressed to Madagascar in search of the lemurs who we then saw being fed. These cute creatures do let out a terribly loud cry from time to time though!
As you round a corner you are greeted by three lovely giraffes! We sat and ate out lunch gazing at them eating theirs! Their funny faces made us smile as they munched on their grass. Keeping them company in their enclosure were Oryx, Ostrich, Blesbok and Zebra. These active animals kept us entertained on our journey around the enclosure. the baby zebras were so cute! The meerkat's watchful eyes followed you as you passed by, they want you to look at their cheeky antics.
The lions were sleeping when we walked past them - as soon as we left them, they got up and promptly lay back down again as we turned back!
Overall the day out was lovely, lots of animals to view and see in their own environments (as much as possible). if you are ever nearby and love animals, it would be worth visiting.

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CheekyLemur said...

I love that zoo at Champrepus, we fell in love with the super-cute lemurs there which is where my shop/blog name came from.