07 April 2010

Spring has arrived!

With the arrival of more sunshine I have brought out my summer jacket!! I may still be wearing a pashmina but the winter coat has been put away... finally. The Easter weekend was gorgeous and sunny, I didn't venture out and about but enjoyed lounging around the living room and basking in the warm sun. I had a well earned break with not a thought about work, it was bliss!
I also put together some more jewellery and took some pictures while it was bright enough to do so. I wanted to share them with you here:

This pastel necklace has been made with summer in mind, the muted colours look striking in this statement necklace.

These cute earrings do have a matching bracelet and necklace so look out or them, although I may be wearing them as they are my favourites!

Classic in white and gold, this striking long necklace will have a bracelet to match. This pretty piece will accompany any outfit, especially black.

Another of my favourites, this bright and summery disc pendant is inspired by daisies and will look perfect on a summers day. This item is for sale on - Disco Daisy Necklace

To help you keep your place in your favourite book is your favourite bookmark, the Stars in Your Eyes Bookmark has a rainbow of seed beads surrounding haematite stars and can be found for sale on

In other news.... I have nearly finished my teacher training!! Since I began in September it has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, I begin my last placement on 20th April and ten weeks after that will have finished. The hard part is now finding a job, with any luck this coming September I will have a class of my own.
I am currently on Easter break and apart from writing an essay I have done absolutely nothing! Well almost, I have been watching Jonathan Creek from the beginning but am not getting any closer to cracking each case. I have also been to visit some kittens so I may well be posting a few pictures of a new pet in a few weeks, my fingers are crossed!
How has your Easter break been?

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