02 January 2011

Happy New Year

After a few months break from blogging, I might be back.... I say might because I have all the best intentions to begin 2011 blogging, making jewellery etc etc! But you know how things get... busy!
Beginning my first teaching job has taken up a lot of my time over the past term but having been thrown in at the deep end back in September I now feel a bit more organised and on top of things, so hopefully I will have some more free time to get back to doing some normal things.
I neglected both of my reading groups last year and I am hoping to get my enthusiasm for them back. I received some good books for christmas so I already have my interest piqued and I am ready to get reading... well I just need some free time!
Also for christmas I was given a Cath Kidston sewing book so everyone this year will probably be receiving a homemade item for their birthday or any event that requires a gift!
Hmm, I began writing this yesterday and now coming back to it I have kind of lost my train of thought... anyway Happy New Year!!


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Mickey Pfleger said...

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