02 August 2010

The Resurrectionist - James Bradley

(2007) ISBN 9780571232765
I read this for my book club, it had been recommended to a member and from the blurb I assumed we would enjoy it. The blurb enticed us with a sinister and mysterious tale about the underworld of Georgian London. The book started off promising with the beginning descriptions of an anatomists trade but this fell short after only a few unimpressive sentences. The story continued to disappoint and unfortunately never really delivered it's promises of a sinister and mysterious chiller.
At the end of the book you are left confused and need to re-read the last part to try and understand what just happened. Unfortunately the book is so dull you won't re-read that last part leaving you still confused and unsatisfied. What could have been a great read with exciting adventures and descriptive text disappointed our book group but after a bit of internet research it seems we are alone in our thoughts on this book! What did you think about it?
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