21 October 2009


It has been a long time since my last post and I have been pretty busy!
After moving house and starting my course I feel I am still not quite on top of things. I am writing this from the library at university where I am gathering sources for my essay due in next week. Although feeling ok about it, I am not sure I have left enough time! I am sure everyone is saying that whatever stage they are at though.
The course is going well so far and I am enjoying it. We are doing Maths, English, Science and Professional Studies before we go on our first School Experience and it has been an intense period of phonics, addition, subtraction and lesson planning to say the least. Having had a taster of what we can expect to be teaching at school, we will be going in on 2nd November for a 6 week block where we will develop to teaching 60% in the last week. We all feel a bit like we are being thrown in at the deep end. Tomorrow and Friday we are back in school to complete our preliminary days where we have been collecting info on the school policies as well as getting to know the children and teachers. I feel quite lucky as this week we are going to the cinema to see Monsters vs Aliens as a class outing!
Apart from being busy at uni, I have been to a bead fair and stocked up on supplies and will be having a jewellery party at my flat on 19th November. Feel free to drop by anytime during the evening. It is a relaxed event so you will be able to try on jewellery, look at buying gifts and have a nice evening chatting and relaxing. Hope to see you then.

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