06 August 2009

Wedding Gift Guide

Now I have reached my mid 20's, the theme of the summer seems to be - weddings! A few of our friends are now getting married and it has reached the all important time to choose the gift.
I have compiled a small wedding gift guide that details a few gift ideas for either the bride or groom and a few gifts for both. Most people, will buy a gift for the couple together but I know from personal experience that sometimes you may want to buy one of the couple an extra gift as well.
When I got married two years ago, one thing that sticks out in my mind from before the wedding was choosing our wedding album. My husband was quite clear in what he wanted – a massive album that had it’s own box. We searched high and low to find one we both liked and in the end we didn’t find one until about a year after the wedding and suffice to say, the photos are still not stuck in! On my search I did find this website that sells beautiful photo albums and a range of guest books.
One in particular that I like is this one pictured that is £54.00 for the 33x40cm size that holds up to 450 4x6 photos (the product code is 04424 if anyone is interested!).
Another gift idea for a loved up bride would be a keepsake box and I have found the perfect one for keeping all your secret things hidden away.
This cute box is available on Dancing Wired's Etsy shop priced at $23.95 and as they say - it would make an ideal wedding gift.

A great idea as a gift for the groom (or even a bride!) is a pocket watch, to ensure they make it to the church on time. I found this one at Tempus Fugit's Etsy shop and love the detail on the outside.

The blue on the dial is gorgeous and deep, it seems like an ideal man's watch, but I still want it for myself.

A little extra gift for the bride and groom would be some gorgeous pampering treats - Lush have so many luxurious and fun bathtime treats, including massage bars, bath bombs, shower jelly and lots more to pamper yourselves with. Of course you could always treat them to some luscious candles to help them unwind after the big day, Yankee Candles have some amazing smells.

These are my limited ideas on gifts for the happy couple - have you any more ideas?


Rheea said...

Wow.. these are indeed some great wedding gifts idea I never thought of! Thanks for sharing. I'd want a pocket watch like that too!

PS: Thanks for following my blog. :)


sandyxxx said...

Wow they are gorgeous earrings. I am envious of anyone who has the patience to make something so delicate.
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