10 February 2009

29 days of giving - Day 1 (9th February 2009)

Yesterday I signed up to begin 29 days of giving. I stumbled upon this idea by chance as I was looking at other's blogs. It seems to be a very popular idea in the US and hopefully will develop worldwide. Here is the website to explain a bit better than I can what it is all about the basic idea is that you give something every day for 29 days and I imagine by the end of 29 days you will be so used to giving it will become natural to do so.
So yesterday was my number 1 day and I made some blueberry muffins to share with my book group. Although I do love baking and sharing my baked goodness, this proved to be quite a mission! I worked all day, got home at 5.30pm, waited til after dinner to start the muffins, prepared all the ingredients and then realised I had no eggs! I then had to run out in the pouring rain to buy some, all the while keeping an eye on the time. The muffins were only just ready when I had to leave my house but by the smiles on those eating them, the muffins were a success.
I will be updating my blog to keep up with my progress on the 29 days of giving, so please check back.

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