29 January 2009

Jewellery Classes

For the past three weeks I have been going to a Jewellery Class at Portsmouth High School. The tutor, Lucille Scott, is a Design Technology teacher at the school and is giving lessons in jewellery making each week.

In the first week, I explored different tools for working with soft metals and made a wire bracelet. It was good practice to see how to use the tools correctly and produce something entirely from bent wire - no soldering.

I started to make a copper ring in the second week of the sessions and although having done this before, I found I was re-learning many of the techniques. The whole sessions have been great to refresh my memory and skills. I also made a wire and bead bracelet which I will use the template for again to make further items of jewellery.

I have enjoyed the lessons so far and will continue to enjoy the next seven weeks as well as learning more skills to add to my repertoire.

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