05 August 2008

Fun Packed Week

The past week has been very busy. Last week, having got an Orange Wednesday cinema ticket and a 2 for 1 voucher for Pizza Express, we headed to Gunwharf Quays to see The Dark Night and have a meal out. The film was brilliant, very dark and gripping. It was a long movie, but there were no periods of boredom, I didn't fall asleep once! The meal at Pizza Express was nice, we had regular pizzas and then desserts of Banoffee Pie and Caffe Reale (cup of coffee with figs and cream on the side!). All was much enjoyed.
Then on Friday we had a visitor to stay for the weekend; my brother in law. We enjoyed a quiet night in on Friday evening and then on Saturday we went along to The Tenth Hole tea rooms in Eastney for chocolate cake. It was a lovely afternoon, perhaps a bit too hot for my chocolate cake, but pleasant and sunny. We then went to the Natural History Museum where we enjoyed a very hot butterfly room. On our way home we walked along Albert Road, browsing in a few shops on the way. At home, we ate a dinner of homemade pizzas and watched the movie (bought earlier on Albert Road) 28 Weeks Later. After being scared, we were joined by another guest who stayed over until Sunday evening. Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to, there was a Chinese Festival on Castle Fields, which boasted Lion dances, sports acrobat, Tai Chi, Chinese dance, Chinese folk songs, Library van, sports taster martial arts, smoothie bike, Chinese crafts and foods. None of that happened..... when we drove down to Castle Fields there was no-one around. On investigation the event had been cancelled due to the weather conditions! There was a light drizzle. We were all very disappointed and ended up in Gunwharf Quays. We then came home and cooked our own Chinese feast followed by cherry and apple crumble.
After a very busy and enjoyable weekend it was back to work yesterday and now the countdown begins to next weekend!


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