15 April 2008

Losing Faith

I am slowly becoming disheartened with my jewellery business. I have invited many people to my jewellery party at the end of the month but so far only 5 people have confirmed, 2 of which do not live in this country and one is me!
I understand that a lot of my friends don't see my jewellery as a business, they just see it as a hobby so I cannot expect them to be as keen as I am about everything.
I am also quite disappointed with Etsy. I have had no sales so far and not many views either. I do know that the jewellery market is very saturated and perhaps Etsy is not the right place for me.
I guess all I can do is be more positive and keep working hard. I am sure that things will pick up soon.
Has anyone else felt like this?


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Hi ,
Don't lose faith...its tough out there! Try making your jewelry stand out from every one elses, by trying different techniques or materials. Also practice taking interesting photos, using different backgrounds or props. (Check magazines for ideas and inspriation)There are alot of ups and downs in this business, keep your chin up and smile, and don't give up!