31 March 2008

JJMFinance Feature

I have been featured on someone else's blog!!
I completed a short survey about my Etsy shop and my answers are now on this blog.
Had a lovely birthday weekend, my pudding party was a success! Everyone bought lovely desserts and I got some really nice presents. On my actual birthday we went to Bournemouth Oceanarium, it was a gorgeous and sunny day. Saturday was less than sunny, as soon as we got to the seafront the rain started :( it was all good though as went into the arcade. Sunjai even won two aeroplanes on a two penny slot machine!! I did win the bowling though with 147 points!!
We then all drove down to the Tenth Hole tea rooms for tea and cake. It was yummy, I had a slice of apple and blackcurrant pie with ice cream. After that we headed home for fish and chips before going to our friend's house for his birthday party.
After the clocks going forward yesterday, I can definitely notice the loss of that hour! Tonight will be an early night.

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